Social media is as important to your business as oxygen is to your brain. Almost.Facebook has a global user base of 1 in 5. If you are still in denial about its relevance in today’s business world, then hire a professional marketing team as soon as you have finished reading this.

So many people are using social media that it has fundamentally shifted the way businesses run.People are not only connecting with each other, but also with their favorite brands.

But running effective campaigns on social media is not as simple as creating a profile and posting stuff.Sure, there are a lot of businesses doing that. But you want leverage over them, don’t you? Especially if that’s how your competitors are marketing themselves.So here are some lesser known, very important tools to raise your social media marketing game.

Merging web design with social platforms

Social media creates one of the most valuable sources of traffic you can develop online. It offers a link across all your business channels.Web design has changed a lot since the arrival, and the subsequent internet takeover of social media.Almost all websites have clear links to a brand’s social media presence.

These social buttons are not only good for SEO. Each social media platform varies in communication style and audience. Brands use this to expand their marketing efforts into different areas online.