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Infikey is a leading web development company in India, Our development company offers all types of web portals, web applications,  and custom-developed websites. We apply advanced frameworks, established methodologies, and cutting-edge technologies to guarantee that our solutions are future-ready and scalable.

Here’s one of the top Web Development Companies in India

Infikey Technologies: Best Web Development Company in India concentrates on creating efficient virtual branding and developing W3C standard websites that are cooperative with all different devices. We are offering the best Web Development Services and have been servicing our customers over the years. Infikey Technologies make the most satisfying results for your digital needs and assist your business to develop.

Being the best web development company in India, we have a committed team of expert designers and developers, building robust and winning websites. Our Designing and Developing team uses errorless and eye-catching style to give performance-based code for your websites that own outstanding Search Engine (e.g Google) result positions, improve conversions. There are many  Web Design companies in India, but we consider that an immeasurable online appearance begins with a comprehensive website and it goes without telling that the bulk of online practices begin with your website.

Web Development Company in India for your Business is Sweeter than Christmas Morning

Your company website is not just a virtual description of your company biography. Preferably, it reflects your market objectives and aims. Hence, developing an engaging, communicative, and exceptional website appears to be a requirement and not an option for you. We are the best web development company in India.

Our Web Development Services

Discover what a skilled team of web developers can do to improve your outcomes from clicks to selling while having functionality and security as first preferences at the top web development company in India. Your websites & apps will look tremendous and work smoothly to give your clients the most flowing activities that they want with the security on demand. Let our results-based web development services in India, reveal to you the best we have to offer. Check Importance of Web Development for Business.

CMS – Content Management System

As a Web Development Company in India, We are specialists in web designs and building content management systems for website design and development. We examine and study the market trends and collaborate these with your company needs to make a comprehensive CMS framework for large & small businesses.

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Typo3
  • DotNetNuke
  • Kentico
  • Umbraco
web development companies india
web development companies india, infikey Technologies

MEAN Stack Development

Our web development company in India has a Full-stack Javascript development team with Mongo DB as a database system or your chosen DBMS, Express.js as backend web framework, Angular.js is a front-end framework, and Node.js as a back-end runtime environment, to create high-performing and highly extensible web applications development project.

  • Angular JS
  • Express JS
  • Node JS
  • Mongo DB


Web Development

We develop custom eCommerce websites that will give you stand out from your rivals. As per our years of experience in creating more than 100 e-commerce sites, we know very well how to develop the most advanced eCommerce websites. Being a Web Development Company in India we offer all the web development services.

  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • Ubercart
  • Volusion
  • Zen Cart
  • OsCommerce
  • Magento2
  • WooComerce
  • VirtueMart
  • CS Cart
  • Shopify
  • Big Commerce
web development companies india,  infikey Technologies
web development companies India, infikey Technologies

Custom Web Application Development

To Become the best web development company in India We have an expert in-house team that uses cutting-edge & top-notch technologies to make custom web applications that are impressive, powerful, secure, and extensive and we use Agile development methodology to secure versatility and more express delivery.

Node JS Development PHP Development Ruby Development .Net Development Python Development
Mean.js CodeIgniter Ruby on Rails Windows Azure Django
Express.js Laravel Silverlight
Koa.js Symfony ASP.NET
Meteor.js Zend2
Socket.io Yii
Sails.js CakePHP


Social Media App Development

As a Web Development company in India We develop various kinds of Social Media applications such as Real-Time messenger, Rewards, Contests, Events, Surveys, Loyalty, and many more! that’s why we are considered as a top web development companies in India by our clients.

Quiz App Survey Apps
Contest App Real-Time Chat & Messenger App
Music Portal App Rewards
Event & Promotional App Loyalty Apps


web development companies india, infikey Technologies

We Work in Every Industry, Globally

As a Web development company in India We assist our customers either Web design & Web Development || Software Development || Digital Marketing || Mobile App Development || DBA Services, and Cloud & DevOps Services in every phase of Technology and Development. We work with startups to mid-sized companies & big companies. We focus on extension & optimization it doesn’t matter what industry they have.

retail Infikey Technologies Pvt Ltd

Retail & Ecommerce Industry

We Develop robust custom e-commerce development solutions including all marketplaces, social media eCommerce solutions, auction sites, and many more.

media 1 Infikey Technologies Pvt Ltd

Media and Entertainment

We are an offshore software development company and we are offering social networking development media, online advertising resolutions, media content delivery ways with the latest trends.

e learning Infikey Technologies Pvt Ltd

Education and E-learning Industry

We make custom e-learning solutions for online education, (LMS) learning management systems, comprise online education apps, corporate learning portals, and many more.

social Infikey Technologies Pvt Ltd

Social Networking Industry

We implement solutions for blogs & Wikis, social networks & communities, collaboration, etc. We offer social networking software outsourcing solutions.

transporation Infikey Technologies Pvt Ltd

Transportation Industry

We make result-oriented custom offshore Software development solutions for logistics & transportations to efficiently execute jobs & daily workflows and maximize ROI.

health Infikey Technologies Pvt Ltd

Healthcare Industry

We are offering a complete software solution for the healthcare industry. Our IT Development solutions completely improve internal methods and improve operational performances.

Why Infikey Technologies for Web Design Services in India

User Importance

Being one of the best web design companies in India We also secure that we set your concern as first priority, primarily when it appears to web development services India. We will double-check that the website and the application or mobile apps are customizable for the user, which means it is going to be easy to manage and understand as well as clear and smooth.


At Infikey Technologies – The best website development company India, Our team has lots of experience in assuring that all things are straightforward to work and professional. When it comes to web development services India we confirm that we apply our creativity to guarantee that you are happy with anything that we make for your company. We would too implement this when it comes to building an application for your requirements, so why not let us do all of the genii that we have to help you? We will create a design that is uncommon for your website and that would be done from scratch applying all of our knowledge.

Experienced Developers

The most important thing that you can get advantage from the best web development company India is that our award-winning project managers only hire the best proficient developers. which means you are only going to have the specialists that know what they are doing and working on your development project. they know very well just what would interest users and what will be supporting them to get a business or even ask you for your services. let our skillful developers use their expertise, information, and skills to make your website or application the most beneficial that it can be, It doesn’t matter how huge or small the project perhaps.

Our Viewpoint

We ensure that our meeting with you and our web development India company will figure out just what you are searching for. Additionally, we confirm that we know just what you are searching for so that we can provide you that, which lets us keep you smiling. We put our most qualified experts on the project and let them make what they do the best, which is to develop websites or applications for you and your company. We would also determine to write any issues to you before any final choices are made concerning any part of your project.

Here’s the Difference Between a Dynamic Website and a Static Website?

In simple words, static Websites pages are those with content that a person not be able to change without a developer updating its source code, while dynamic Websites pages can display different content from the same source code. being a web development company in India we should let you know this thing about websites.

Dynamic Website
  • Dynamic Websites are more functional than static websites which means dynamic websites are purely informational.
  • the dynamic website enables visitors to actually interact with the information on the web page and requires using more than just HTML code.
  • Meanwhile, a static website uses just client-side HTML & CSS code, but a dynamic website uses both client-side and server-side scripting programming languages like ASP.NET, JavaScript, and PHP.
  • While a user uses a dynamic website, the website can be changed with code run in the web browsers or on the server. For more info, you can connect with Infikey Technologies – which is India’s one of the Best Website Development India!
Static Website
  • Static websites tend to return with a set variety of pages that have a particular layout. once the page runs on the browser, the content is really static and doesn’t modification in response to any user actions.
  • A static website is often built with HTML and CSS in easy text editors. If you would like a really small web site (4 to 3 pages).
  • This website is maybe your best bet. Developing a static web site sometimes doesn’t need a lot of time or effort, compared to dynamic websites. For additional info, you can reach Infikey Technologies – one of the most efficient website Development companies India!
  • The content is simply modified once somebody writes and refreshes the data (send it to the webserver).
  • Flexibility is the main benefit or advantage of a static website.
  • It sends precisely the same response for each request. It uses HTML code for creating a website.
  • Prebuilt content is that the equivalent of every time the page is loaded.
Web development technology

Web Development company India – We have the expertise and experiences to make your website, then reveal to you how a real web development company will make your brand and your company growth. Our approaches are data-driven, evolved from experience, and designed to deliver real outcomes over time, natural results that long last and grow.

We give your project success not by using brand-new buzzwords and statistics. Give us chance to show you how web development India especially runs!

It’s your online appearance, the heart of your digital being, the very fore-front of the tomorrow. It’s your website, not just a bunch of good-looking pictures and a well-written keyword filter.

If you’re operating to be online, so you require to make a website, created by the best Web Development Company in India who are enthusiastic about respecting what they do and reach us for the best solutions of web development services packages in India at the top web development company India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Why Should I Choose Infikey Technologies as Web Development Company in India?

Infikey Technologies is one of the best web development companies in India that has become a distinguished name in web app development. Our web development company has been praised by our clients for providing the most effective web designing services even digital marketing services to completely different customers beyond the world. It additionally keeps your web development time and value.

Web development company in India. Here, you will get the best Web design and development solutions and services at Infikey Technologies. Contact us now.

What are the some good programming languages for custom website development?
Take a comprehensive look to grasp the most programming languages, especially used to develop specific and high administrative websites. maybe true as a result of some websites can be extremely complex and complicated, individually if you’re a beginner and don’t have that a lot of cash to pay to some custom web development company in india.
  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • GO
  • Ruby
  • C
  • Rust
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
If you are an entrepreneur searching for a suitable programming language for your company website. Then here are a number of the most effective programming languages for custom web development in India.
I don't know programming and development. Will you help me?
Yeah absolutely! we are a custom web development company in India and we have a team of specialist advisers who are committed mainly to give free of cost information to our customers and valued clients same as you.
How much cost does it required to develop a web app?
Truly, the charge of the web development project depends on your project requirements. The technology stacks used, the number of web developers in the team given to you, the range of the project, the commitment model, and some other parts come into play while planning the total value of a web development project.
you can trust us with closed eyes we are the top web development company in India to give you the best and affordable web design and development solutions.
Are your web applications mobile-friendly?

Definitely yes! In this new era, people use various kinds and volumes of devices such as android mobiles & Tablets, Smartphones, and Desktops for different purposes. So, our web application development company in India gives responsive website layouts that can work on all these devices respectively.

Will I required a face to face meeting in order to start my project?

In most cases, a face-to-face meeting is not required. Besides, most of our web apps are commonly performed with communication through telephone, email, or skype.

don’t worry our web development company in India gives you the independence to decide your end facility. you will get fully flexible and right to decide what will be easy and comfortable for you.

Is there any hidden cost in my project or your web app development project?

No! We are the most trustworthy web development agency in India that discusses your website requirements and quotations with you the cost in the primary place. After that, we obey that amount and there are no hidden costs for our clients and customers.

Which cost model you follow: dedicated resource or fixed time or price?

We are a web development company in India and we offer both kinds of value models for our precious clients and customers same you. Choose the dedicated resource model if our clients want complete control of the website development progress and don’t want to get in hiring employees. Additionally, you can pick the fixed time/price model if your terms are unlikely to change and the project term can be determined.

Once my website development is built, do you give any after-sales assistance? If yes, then what are these?

Granted, being the best web development agency in India we offer extensive software assurance plans to our customers. We at Infikey Technologies give comprehensive website maintenance and support help in the situation you face any difficulties or want some improvements in your web app.

what is the difference between web design the same as web development?

The main difference is a web designer designs applications such as Adobe Photoshop in order to build the layout and other visible components of the website. And web development company uses different software programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and many other coding languages in order to give functionality to the designed web app. our web development company in india offers you both.

Will your developed website be search engine friendly?

Yes! Our website design and development is always flexible with search engine guidelines. if you want a more search engine optimized website you can check out our Digital Marketing Services as clients need from web development company in India.

Can I check my website look while it is in the developmental phase?

Yes surely! even we promote this idea. We build your web application on our development server. We give you the login credentials username and password that helps you to log in and monitor the development of your website as a web development company in India.

Can you provide me a full-time dedicated developer or project manager?

Yes, we do, our web application development company in India gives you a project manager who is dedicated to your project only. Moreover, this manager lets you updated regarding what’s going in your project at periodic intervals of time. Furthermore, you can submit your feedback to this person. He will manage the project according to your feedback.

In how much time can you develop a web app for clients?

The time to develop a fully working website is based on various circumstances. Customized web designing job may take about 1 to 4 weeks depending on the complications of the project and the number of updates required.
then, the development stage needs extra time from 1 week to 6 weeks depending on the number of pages and performance expected. Our custom web development company uses the agile development method that helps us to complete your project in the lowest possible time.

but you don’t need to worry about it because as a web development company in India we understand client’s situations and takes decisions to deliver a project ASAP.

What are the most beneficial practices for custom website development services?

Custom web development gives the company a well-defined identity and provides the business right to build new features that fully serve its consumers. Furthermore, it combines the business manners into a separate place, giving your clients a comprehensive knowledge of your firm and the value you provide.

Choosing a custom web development company in India with efficiency in the most advanced technologies can take your firm to new heights. Also, protect you from those companies that charge a significant amount but do not give a powerful, extremely scalable, and fully-working site.

Following points, you should consider some of the good practices while creating a custom web app. Here are some of them:

  • Concentrate on Page Speed Optimization of Website: Viewers may feel frustrated when the website loading time is delayed. As mobile phones’ speed is fast and visitors demand similar speed on web browsers too. When the user doesn’t have a related activity on the website, they tend to skip.
    This is because the slow activity is a disruptive experience for the viewer, and that’s why you should avoid it. To build custom web development services, you should continue monitoring the site speed at periodic intervals.
    Top page speed is achieved by constant exercise. While the core influencing factors include better page linking, compressed images, avoiding empty pages, site map connectivity. And a completely operated website will always perform better page speed. being a good web development company in India takes care of website speed optimization.
  • Determine Website Structure, Content, and Design: The main elements of any website are the structure, layout, and content. Content requires to be relevant, informational, and interesting for search engines(like Google). At the same time, it has to retain customers who are honestly a necessary entity for your company. as a web development company in India determine website structure, design, and SEO-friendly content.
    Hence, the design should bring the visitor’s consideration, but not divert from the necessary CTA and conversion goals. As per the specialists in custom web development services, “the right font and color can set your website up and make your pages pop.” Pages should be structured well so that they run smoothly from one to the other.

Our web development company in India we do all the practices strongly custom website development.

Why do I choose web development companies in India?

Developing a safe & extensible web application is the requirement for 60 minutes, however, you require a certain degree of proficiency when it comes to becoming advanced before the competition. Such proficiency is ready in a web development company in india.
Hiring a web development company in India can be an excellent approach when making a complicated website to bring and convert consumers. Website development is a logically reasonable resolution in today’s world, particularly when we see its results.
Just take a look into the advantages of hiring a web development company in India for your online company.

  • Provides After-Sale Services: Your website needs to be active 24x7. Hence, proper maintenance and enhancement are needed at routine intervals. Here, updating content is not a great deal. The controller itself can make this. Important issues such as downtime, non-working (non-functioning) buttons or menus, not redirecting links to the exact web page, or any queries related to the user experience have to be fixed.
    Accordingly, it is necessary to have the website up and live. The web development company in India provides free maintenance for a few periodic intervals as their complimentary plan. our web development company in india offers after-sale services.
  • Lower Development Cost: There is No doubt, Web development is an expensive task. Of course, there are third-party firms that give web development services at a fair price. If you want your budget not to be unstable and need more on a planned budget, then a web development company in India can be the best option for you.
    If you are in India, on-shore outsourcing can be financially fit. You are not expected to increase your budget due to currency price variations. For people who are outside India, it is also safer. Western countries such as the US, Australia, have lower currency costs than Indian currency. So you simply have to spend a fair price to get a unique website.
  • Offers Quality Work: Aside from cost-effective, India’s web app development company is hard-working and uses a user-friendly path to develop your website. They experienced in a wide diversity of industries. Websites are created, having an understanding of the importance of the SEO approach, targeted audience,  programming languages or coding criteria, and responsibility.
    This is the main purpose why web development company in India is considered more trustworthy than others. Experience matters a lot, and it delivers quality performance with it. They will not mislead you in terms of quality work and co-operation
  • Give Consideration to Details: An approved web development company in India will always have a firm opening to be courteous and give ideas for any issues. With every step of the website development, a follow-up with the customer is a must. The company should use this time to guarantee that they are running on an accurate track. If you have an attractive design with a home page and a fine logo, you are passionate about your new online journey. Allow me to assure you that this will be a great fail.
    Giving attention to details is the code here to light over the internet & social media platforms. More particularly, the liability of every detail includes.
how much Experience Your Web Development Team have?

our team of web app developers has 5+ years of expertise in web app development. The dedicated team of professional specialists at Infikey Technologies is experienced in the most advanced technologies which help them to overcome complicated industry problems. our web development company in india has only an expertise background developers to serve quality services.

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