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A Custom Software Development Company in India, We Apply the Best Industry Practices to Produce Strong, Reliable & Scalable Software Development Services for the Responsive Mobile-first World. We Are a Software Designing & Development Company That Has Successfully Completed Many Custom Software Solutions to Small Businesses or Big-business Employing High-level Ideas like AR(Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality), IoT (Internet of Things), (AI) Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Machine Learning (ML).

We Develop Business-grade Custom Software Solutions That Allow Enterprises to Open Cutting-edge and Advantage Digital Transformation. We Go from Idea to Code, and Development to Deployment Ensuring the Value, Time & Quality of Software Development Is Optimized.

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We are among the best software development companies in India, we offer full-cycle software development services to our hold dear consumers. We make top-notch software solutions that deliver enhanced growth to your company. Our business software development services contain web, mobility, and all other main technology presents that help you secure maximized additions and ROI. Here is everything you get when you outsource software development to Infikey Technologies:

software UI UX designing company India, infikey Technologies

ERP Software Development

Reduce the operation costs, enhance productivity, improve performance, & establish your business processes with our full-featured, stable, and extensible ERP software development company in india.

expert software consulting services india, infikey Technologies

Expert Software Consulting

Our software consulting company gives the most suitable technology consultation so that you can achieve the most satisfactory technology-stack and intelligent practice architecture for your custom software development requirement.

software UI UX designing company India, infikey Technologies

Software UI/UX Design

Our custom software designing company in India delivers your web or mobile application and creative design, user-oriented website interface, motion graphics, and visible aspects.

software migration and update  services  in India, infikey Technologies

Migration & Upgradation

If you need to migrate your current Software to another platform or enhance its present variant to the most advanced one, our top software developers in India are forever available to assist you.

software QA and testing services india

Software QA & Testing

From the first stage of the project, we set our specialist QA team in the circle so that you can ensure your custom software application development works across all browsers and screens even mobile apps and desktop apps.

software product development company in india, infikey Technologies

Software Product Development

Our software product development company India has developed various thriving SaaS or cloud-based software products that fix many complicated business problems in an efficient way.

software support and maintenance India

Fully Support & Maintenance

We not only provide custom software application development services but also provide complete software maintenance and support solutions to our customers. we are known as a best software development company in india.

custom software development company in india  infikey Technologies

Custom Software Development

Having years of domain experience encourages us in implementing extensible, full-featured, reliable, and high-performing mobile apps & web apps software, eCommerce websites & content management system.

hire software development team from infikey Technologies

Selected Software Teams

Aside from full-cycle software development, you can also hire dedicated developers of software development teams & a project manager who has an average of 5+ years of expertise in giving enterprise-grade quick-fix solutions.

Technology & Service Stack for Software Application Development

Being one of the top custom software designing companies in India, we cover all the latest technologies in order to satisfy the various demands of customers in the least possible time and implement modern solutions. Check the Importance of Software Development for your business.

Our software development company in india we offer the following app development:

  • Web App Development
  • Custom App Development
  • Cross-Platform App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Application Modernization
  • Application Maintenance



Infikey Technologies the software development company in india we offer the following services:

  • Blockchain Development
  • MEAN
  • Node JS
  • React JS
  • Python Web Development
  • PHP Web Development
  • Dot Net(ASP.NET)
  • Angular JS
  • Share Point
  • Java
  • Express JS
  • Vue JS


Being one of the best software development company in india we offer the following services:

  • AWS Cloud Services
  • Azure Cloud
  • Google Cloud

Being one of the most successful software development company in india we offer the following services:

  • Android
  • Flutter
  • Kotlin
  • Augmented Reality
  • Ionic
  • IOS
  • React JS

As a software development company in india we offer the following services:

  • Magento
  • Umbraco
  • eCommerce
  • WordPress
  • Kentico
  • Drupal
  • CMS (Content Management System)

Our software development company in india we offer the following services:

  • Machine Learning
  • ChatBot
  • Blockchain Development
  • Smart Contract
Why Infikey Technologies for Custom Software Development

We are India’s leading software development company in India with a track record of a 97%+ client retention rate. Here are some of the facts that make us a popular brand in providing custom software development services


We are an offshore software development company in India that makes your function-rich attractive & responsive software application with a classic custom theme, customizable plugins.


We are an offshore software designing company in India that gives you function-rich alive & reactive Software with a smart custom theme, simple-to-use plugins, and a mobile-friendly end-user interface.


We are a software development company in India that uses superior security standards including top security plugins, data encryption, solid admin dashboard, etc. In order to make sure best protection of the extended application.


Considering our beginning in the industry, we have successfully delivered every project with the efforts of our full-time dedicated developers. We make sure proper & open communication with our customers to update them with the accurate project progress.


We have successfully satisfied our clients based in multiple countries. Our software development company in India has earned a trustworthy industry reputation for our agile methodology process and up-to-date project delivery. We always make sure to keep comprehensive transparency in our custom software development process.


We are providing our high-quality services include custom software requirements of multiple industries whether it is Travel & Tourism, Retail & eCommerce, Media & Entertainment, Logistics, eLearning, Banking, Healthcare, etc.

Software Solutions

If you notice any error or any other issue after giving a software application, our specialists are always there to help you to solve that as quickly as possible as it is included in development solutions. as a software development company in india it’s our pleasure.

Full cycle

We are an Indian software application development services company that implements all the time or cross-platform solutions with the latest technologies from beginning prototyping & UI/UX designing development to the last deployment.

in First Time

Being a reputed software designing company in India, we develop a First Time Right (FTR) way to make sure building high-quality software application within the project deadline. we follow the best business modeling process for our software development company in India.

We Work in Every Industry, Globally

Being the best software development company in india We assist our customers either Web design & Web Development || Software Development || Digital Marketing || Mobile App Development || DBA Services, and Cloud & DevOps Services in every phase of Technology and Development. We work with startups to mid-sized companies & big companies. We focus on extension & optimization it doesn’t matter what industry they have.

software development company in India - Retail & Ecommerce Industry - infikey Technologies

Retail & Ecommerce Industry

We Develop robust custom e-commerce development solutions including all marketplaces, social media eCommerce solutions, auction sites, and many more.

Media and Entertainment - infikey Technologies

Media and Entertainment

We are an offshore software development company and we are offering social networking development media, online advertising resolutions, media content delivery ways with the latest trends.

Education and E-learning Industry - infikey Technologies  -

Education and E-learning Industry

We make custom e-learning solutions for online education, (LMS) learning management systems, comprise online education apps, corporate learning portals, and many more.

Social Networking Industry - infikey Technologies

Social Networking Industry

We implement solutions for blogs & Wikis, social networks & communities, collaboration, etc. We offer social networking software outsourcing solutions.

Transportation Industry - infikey Technologies

Transportation Industry

We make result-oriented custom offshore Software development solutions for logistics & transportations to efficiently execute jobs & daily workflows and maximize ROI.

Healthcare Industry - infikey Technologies

Healthcare Industry

We are offering a complete software solution for the healthcare industry. Our IT Development solutions completely improve internal methods and improve operational performances.

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We are the before the deadline software development company in India forever able to help your software-related doubts. Our team codes complex, inventive ideas and develop a real-time software application that is inherent & creative. We are here to be your committed partner and assist improve your digital conversion journey.

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Our Cost-Effective Approach to Custom Software Development

Risk Management and Reduction

our software development company in India thinks about risk management. Catch the benefit of our low-risk, likely Scrum process to quicken your business before the race. We have comprehensive procedures that allow us to know risks first and propose optimal risk management plans to make sure the completion of the project.

Project Budget Management

We count in one of the top software development companies in India and we Earned Value Management (EVM) system to exactly manage the project budget by controlling cost records & review rates regularly, recognizing variations, examining root states, and using improving action to put the project on track.

Communication Management

We give personal attention to your project communication in order to make sure whole transparency & allow fruitful cooperation. other than voice and video-conferencing and onsite meetings, our conversation workflow involves structured knowledge management, accurate reporting on project status & daily health checks.

Requirements Management

We effortlessly manage change applications, continuously compulsive stakeholder & user feedback to service our data-driven reach improvement plans. By constant backlog purification and prioritize, our team assures that you get the result you expect and require— even with hazy initial requirements. our business analyst analyzes this at our software development company India.

Schedule Management

Throughout the initial stages of the project, we construct a comprehensive delivery and communication system with all key stakeholders. We further apply EVM to the project timetable, regularly checking the Definition of Ready (DoR) and the Definition of Done (DoD) to assure the successful achievement of project milestones. being the best software development company in India we know very well about Time Management.

Business Analysis and Discovery

our software development company in india works with you to get a deep knowledge of your enterprise progress and the case itself. Loaded with this experience, we can turn your business requirements into programmatic project aims. All thoughts created undergo an absolute business analysis and utility studies before entering the project.

DevOps Integration Culture

Our company depends massively on constant combination and delivery. We frequently merge code turns into a basic shared repository and control automated unit tests to get up close and solve bugs early.

Develop Excellent Software Solutions

Get advantage of our custom software development company in India to enhance the safety of your solution, activity time to market, and deliver outstanding client value.

Top-class Assurance Quality

Our team of QA specialists has practical & hands-on expertise in all important types of testing, as well as functionality, practicality, load, stress, approval, integration experiment, and many more.

Our Agile Software Development Model

As a top software development company in India, we use Agile & DevOps approved methods to make sure on-time delivery of bug-free applications as per your precise business requirements. At every step of the software development process, we hold clients in the loop to make sure the project is working as per their particular requirements.

Pre Project Development

In the initial, we are a software development company in India that explores the project aims, leads requirements to concentrate, in-depth study, and validation in order to achieve complete documentation and serve a project plan. Earlier to the project launching, our software development team gives technical guidance to complete the most satisfactory technology-stack and logical system architecture.

Development Step

With a full-stack software development proficiency, industry-specific expertise, and building competency Infikey Technologies customize and transfers custom software solutions for the particular requirements of any company. Our services involve application development, testing, combination with the current environment, deployment in individual stores, and after-sales assistance.

Post Development

To assure stability after the delivery of the application, we give comprehensive maintenance and support services. It involves three levels of assistance for applications developed by Infikey Technologies, application upgrade & overall enhancements, performance monitoring & protection audit, OS and server migration. You can also extend the software safeguard plan from us.

Professional Software Development Services

Our Software development company in india is stable and extensible software solutions for any OS (Operating System), web browsers, and device. We serve together deep business expertise and the latest Software Development advancements to produce custom software solutions and products that quite fit the requirements and performance of their users.

We Create Fully Connected Softwares So You Can Focus On Your Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Infikey Technologies reliable for software development?

You can rely on Infikey Technologies as it is the best software development company in india and has delivered enough projects since the beginning for clients in different countries. The reason for its accuracy depends upon these factors:

  • Skilled & Experienced Mobile App & Software and Web App Developers
  • Over the years of experience in IT Development
  • Every client is happy from our services
How much time you take to develop a custom software product?

it totally depends on the basis of the features required in the specific project. This is clear that a higher number of features would take much time in relation to others. But still, the expected time of software development is needed 1 to 6 more weeks as stated by the custom performance needed in your app. you don’t have to worry about it being a software development company in india we take care of your time limit.

What is a software development company?

The software development company builds custom software products as per the particular need of the business. Software development company in India designs web applications & mobile applications furthermore SaaS-based software products and ready-to-use software solutions to provide to the requirements of the clients.

Why should I pick top software development company in India?

Choosing a software development company in India is the best choice that anyone decided. Now many startup companies & enterprises, prefer India as their first destination for best software development. Outsourcing software development to India means cheaper costs, high-quality software, a broad talent pool, and no communication difficulties.

client’s first choice for custom software development across the world is India. Their services are recognized globally due to their low-cost development rates and the best quality software development services.

We have some understandings that can make your questions:

  • Communication Barrier:  India is the place for about 125 million English-speaking people, giving it the world’s second-largest English-speaking nation, after the US. And, according to EF English Proficiency, India ranks third in Asia on English proficiency.
    While you outsource software development services, communication is however the advantage as result of nothing is conceivable without it. however, outsourcing software development services to India means that operating with an IT sector, wherever almost 90 % speak fluent English. during this way, the barrier gets dissolved on its own. This language ability has been helpful in remodeling India’s perception of software development services.
    This is a truth that – Indian software development corporations charge 50-60 % lower prices than the opposite countries. And it absolutely was the only reason for outsourcing software to India up till many years ago. nowadays the price-quality quantitative relation is equivalently necessary.
    The low development charge comes from the very fact that Indian wages are abundant less than U.S. or European counterparts. It’s somewhat may be attributed to integrated development. This integrated development means there are graded layers of developers supported by their skillset and experience.
    Tell, a PHP-based project requires four developers. supported the error level, a firm may utilize 2 senior developers, one junior developer, and one software intern. It keeps the wages under control and ensures senior developers handle quality because of the project’s most difficult parts, and junior developers manage the standard regular options.
    This price decrease assists companies to get the best class software development services at a decreased cost.
  • Product Quality: Possibly the low price of development brings the organizations, but the ultimate product’s quality performs them visit, and India continues that position in global outsourcing. According to new stats, India has grown one of the top purchase destinations in the IT enterprise, and that too, with a 55% share in outsourcing.
  • Time Zone Benefits:  The time zone variance allows around-the-clock services for Indian software development companies and enhances their productivity. Also, these 24×7 operation hours mean more active results. The markets globally understand the requirement for speed, and by Indian software developers, they can get their project produced on time. It will also decrease their time to business. Thus, this faster time to market can give companies a competing advantage.
    Even when serving a U.S. client, it is easy for Indian software development companies to manage sync-ups and calls as the countries’ satisfactory overlap time. For Australia, Europe, UK, the difference is smaller, dealing with a time zone variation, even more useful.
    So, with Indian software development firms, you will nevermore face any time zone problem and arrange your project delivered on time.
  • Tremendous Talent Pool: India’s enormous talent pool makes this country the most significant outsourcing center and has been effective in its custom software development superiority. India has many software developers who carry bachelor’s and master’s degrees, particularly in the science stream when it comes to knowledge.
    There are more than 95% of the Indian software developers who relate to the age group 18-35 years. And, almost 200,000 software developer graduates are employed in the IT business every year. Because of this enormous talent pool, India grows technologically qualified and experienced. They are continuously expanding new and improved talents daily to deliver quality software solutions.

India also has the most leading ISO-certified firms, so, no give-and-take on product quality! If you want the best cost and the essential quality service, then Indian software development companies will be the most suitable decision.
So, all these are the ideas that make Indian software development companies the best over the globe.

What are the good practices of custom software development company in india?

At Infikey Technologies, we are coupled up with the most reliable and expert software developers. They know each tip and trick of performing any project successfully.
Here are several practices that they follow:

  • Fixed your budget and development time genuinely. It will decrease stress on your software development team & company and let them think properly and deliver it on time.
  • Continually try to save your codes easily as it decreases the software’s complications and develops quality plus strong software.
  • Share your project code with your co-worker to get it examined. It’s an outstanding way to make sure of your final code quality.
  • Examinations don’t need testing. Infrastructure, libraries, and frameworks and for testing necessary tests. You don’t have to examine the browser or external libraries except it’s needed. Just Test the code you have written, not the code of other people.

as a software development company in india we follow the best practices above.

Can I hire dedicated software development team to work only on my project?

Definitely! We give flexible engagement choices for our customers. Thus, if you need a dedicated software developer to develop your project completely, we can provide the same for you. Alternatively, we also give a fixed time/price model in case your project needs are not going to change.

How much time you take to develop a custom software development product?

Various factors determine the complete time needed to develop a software application development. upon the project complication and overall changes, customized UI/UX designing may take to total in around 1 to 4 weeks. The software development phase would need 1 to 6 more weeks according to the custom functionality needed in your software application. We make sure delivering your project in the least time by following an agile software development process. but our software development company in india takes care of time limit & business.

Can I choose the software development team on my own?

Surely, you can pick the software development team for your project on your own. And you can choose your team according to your choices and terms. being a software development company in india we give an option to our clients.

Is it necessary to have a face-to-face meeting in order to start my project development?

No, It’s not mandatory to have a face-to-face meeting. As per your preference, you can get in touch with our team through telephone, email, or Skype to start the development of your project.

Once my software development project is finished, do you provide any after-sales services? If yes, then which services?

Yes, as a software development company in india we provide extensive software protection plans to our customers. Comprehensive software maintenance & support is offered available for your software application if it finds any difficulties or requires some improvements.

What are the benefits of customized software development?

Custom software usually gives the most effective system as it is built keeping specific conditions of the customer’s business. Also, custom software gives more excellent performance and client service. that’s why we are a custom software development company in india.

Do you confirm the protection and confidentiality of our intelligent property?

As a software development company in India, The condition is involved in the IP contract and a strict NDA is also signed between Infikey Technologies and its clients. Furthermore, the corresponding clause is also signed between Infikey Technologies and its employees.
Also, our software development agency in India checks our processes and trains employees at periodic intervals. And these efforts ensure that the intellectual properties of our clients are always protected.

Can I see my software while it is in progress?

Definitely! In fact, we promote this thing. We need you to keep watching your software’s development as this will help us to get the best reaction from your side. Finally, it will be important for us to give you the most reliable software solution.
We develop your software on our development server. So, we give you a username and password. You can use those credentials to log in and look at the development of your software. if we are a software development company in India we should support this and take care of it.

Will you give me a full-time dedicated project manager for my custom software development project?

Yes! Being the top software development company in India We provide you a project manager who is assigned to your project only. Also, the manager keeps you updated about what’s going in your project dev at frequent intervals of time. Furthermore, you can give your feedback to that person. He will lead the work according to your feedback.

How does your software development company in India guarantee complete data confidentiality of the project?

As We confirm NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with our customers at the time of project inception. Signing an NDA right away means that we will ensure complete security of the customer’s worthy data. Our team members operating on your project also sign strict NDA.

Which company is best for software development in India?

Infikey Technologies is the best software development company in India giving robust, secure, and scalable software development for its clients over the last few years.

What are the various types of enterprise software development?

After arriving at a particular size, your enterprise processes become too complex and time-consuming when handled manually—especially today when almost anything can be automated. And to assist you out, here we have prepared different types of software that can make your business processes easier. being a software development company in India we have the following enterprise also:

  • Business Intelligence (BI): We are a Software development company in india providing Business Intelligence software assists organizations gain actionable insights based on data collected from different sources such as marketing, production, sales, HR, and likewise. It uses benchmarking, data mining and excellent analytical algorithms to share designs and make accurate predictions. For supporting the managers to detect trends plus models in aggregate data, BI systems use several charts, graphs, tables, and everything that you require to make more desirable choices with no statistics knowledge.
    In the new dynamic business, the capacity to access your current position and forecast where you’re going can give you an aggressive edge. Many businesses, as well as recruitment construction, healthcare, and IT (Information Technology), have created Business Intelligence a standard part of their business toolset.
    Also, take a look at its advantages:
      • Increased organizational efficiency
      • Improved customer experience
      • Improved employee satisfaction
      • Trusted and governed data
      • Faster analysis, intuitive dashboards
      • Data-driven business decisions
  • Customer Relationships Management: The software development company in india gives a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system assures that all the crew members know each customer. It is a communications list that provides you a detailed overview of your contacts with every client. With it, you can track everything that when and how you’ve associated with your customer (via phone, social media, email, or in-person) and make sure that no single lead gets dissolved.
    Multiple CRM systems allow you to manage orders, track leads, plan promotion campaigns, customer communication, track their statuses, and gauge their success. Now every company enjoys excellent automation and high return.
    Aside from these basic CRM characteristics such as lead management, invoicing, and task management, it has more to give: • BankID for safe login & single sign-on.
        • Custom modules that match the requirements of different organizations
        • Customizable reports to assist admins in guiding their businesses
        • Facebook Messenger chatbot for easy onboarding
        • Finance and accounting system integrations to support invoicing
        • Population and industry register combination that gives necessary data about association members
        • Email integration for in-app contact between admins and members
  • Marketing Automation: as a software development company in india we think When a company reaches a specific size, the manual conduct of all the marketing exercises becomes unmanageable. You can’t personally talk to every lead, answer to every message, and post updates on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or in real-time.
    Let’s have a look at its advantages once:
        • Improves the capacity to generate more and more genuine quality leads. Join multiple criteria with a lead scoring system to create and recognize sales-qualified leads.
        • Develops marketing performance. Automate the time-consuming, manual activities, and tasks.
        • Better arrangement of sales & marketing aims. The collective work sets scoring parameters and defines qualified leads, sales, and advances marketing a single team.
        • A multichannel view of prospect behavior. Combine multiple channels and devices to build more complete prospect profiles.
  • (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning: The ERP system has enhanced the heart and brain of current business. It builds a unified database that reduces errors. All the team members can use the data you will enter once. Infikey Technologies as a software development company in india thinks This system typically consists of several modules where each is responsible for digitizing a diverse business area :
        • Business process management
        • Order management
        • E-commerce
        • Shipping
        • Accounting
        • Inventory management
        • Customer service
        • Human resources, etc.

Together, they can smooth the services in the whole company and provide a 360° overview of your clients. Additionally, it can automate marketing processes and make them more open. as a software development company in India, we take care of it.