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Mobile App Development Company in India

mobile app development company in india

Mobile App Development Company in India

We are the Best Mobile App Development Company in India and we have an app development team that can turn it into a reliable mobile application. From the first preparation to the last push in the App Store, our mobile apps development company in India covers everything.

We make native app and cross-platform mobile apps with superior feature combinations based on IoT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AI, Chatbot, etc. Here you get the trust of a brand with a 100% money-back guarantee, India’s best mobile app development team with experience  & complete peace of mind as we’re an Indian app developers.

Our Mobile Application Development Services

We are India’s most advanced mobile app development company in India providing full-cycle mobility resolutions from the beginning conceptualization of your application to the ultimate deployment in the app store & maintenance.

Custom Mobile App Development

Our team has Strong experience in building cross-functional custom mobile applications. Our Creative development strategy addresses us as the top mobile app development company in India.

Hybrid App Development

Want cross-platform app development resolutions and make feature-packed hybrid apps that work flawlessly on both iOS & Android platforms. Additionally, cost-effective, time-saving app development for you.

Native App Development

We’re a mobile application development company that provides development of stable, scalable, and feature-packed native app mobile applications that are known for their excellent performance and high-level features.

App Technology Consulting

We have a mobile app consulting team that advances technical advice so that you can achieve the most suited technology-stack & down-to-earth custom planning for your business mobile app development.

Wearable Apps Development

iWatch apps, Android wear apps, and Google glass app, smartwatches that run flawlessly on any device. We have built thousands of wearable apps as per the special condition of the companies.

App Integration

We also implement the most advanced technology integration, payment gateway integration, Enterprise application integration, and API integration in your present mobile app to improve its functionality, protection and keep them state-of-the-art.

App Development Team

If you require a dedicated app development crew as your team enlargement or your app development project, we are here to help you. We have app developers with 5+ years of common experience for iOS and Android apps.

QA and Testing Services

At the beginning stage of the project, our mobile application development company in India sets quality examiners in the eye so that you can ensure your mobile app runs seamlessly crossed all devices and OS.

Upgradation & Migration

If you need to update your current mobile app to the most advanced technology or want to move your app to a different operating system or platform, we are here to assist you with our skillful team so that your business can run flawlessly.

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Looking for professional mobile app development services?

Mobile Application Development Technologies

We are an offshore mobile app development company in India that provides up-to-date development resolutions for different platforms. We provide native app and hybrid apps development to our clients. here is the development solutions.

Android App Development

Our offshore mobile application development company in India has developed Android apps that are holding used by millions of users. We offer end-to-end android app development as an android app development company in India 

iOS/iPhone App Development

our unique mobile application development company in India that has built thousands of feature-rich iOS – iWatch apps. Our clients can avail themselves of all the time iPhone app development, up-gradation/migration, etc.

Xamarin App Development

Our top-rated mobile app development company in India gives cross-platform resolutions applying superior features of Xamarin. Our consumers can avail Xamarin app design & development.

React Native App Development

React native app cross-platform mobile app development company in india develops secure, cross-platform cooperative, and scalable React Native app mobile app development company in India.

Flutter Native App Development

Being the best mobile app development company in India, we have an expert Flutter development unit building secure, cross-platform compatible & scalable Flutter-based mobile app as per your requirements.

Ionic App Development

Ionic mobile app development company in India has designed Ionic-based mobile apps which are using by millions of users. Our Ionic developers provide end-to-end development in India.

Latest Technologies Integration

As a mobile app development company in India, we integrate high-level technologies in your mobile app to have your mobile app before the competition. Here are some technologies that we integrate into web and mobile app development.

Internet of Things

As the best mobile app development company in India, we give mobile-enabled IoT resolutions that are managed via mobile, including real-time tracking & monitoring settings, combined house resolutions, video surveillance, etc.

Wearable Technology

We are a mobile app developers in India that delivers the most-advanced resolutions for wearable devices that are implemented with intelligent fixed sensors and shows. moreover back them with remote, cloud-based data collection, monitoring, etc.

GEO Tracking System

As a mobile app development company in india, we perform GPS technology to enhance mobile apps with real-time tracking points, geo-targeting, geo-fencing, geo-tagging, geo-conquesting, and location-aware in-app messaging

Biometric Sensors

Being the best mobile app development company in India completes biometric recognition technologies combining fingerprint scanning, voice & face recognition, and different biometrics. With this innovation, you can get high-security user authentication.

Augmented Reality

As a most trusted mobile app development firm we develop interactively & winning AR-enabled mobile apps extending digital data and increasing real-world views. We apply the latest technologies in video streaming, audio, GPS data, etc. that’s why we are considered in a top app development companies.

Location Sensing System

Being the top-rated mobile app development company in India, we execute location-awareness skills with technologies such as BLE Beacons, Near Field Communication, and Wi-Fi patterns for a greater in-store experience and protected contactless payments.

We Cover All Major Industries

As a mobile app development company in India continues years of working background in building industry-specific mobile applications. Let’s take a look at the businesses they have expertise

Retail & eCommerce

Grow with eCommerce applications created by our mobile app development units that have natural UI and user-friendly UX. We also develop retail eCommerce resolutions for our customers.

Travel & Tourism

Choose developers from Infikey who have solid expertise in giving Travel & Tourism based web and mobile applications which will give you all the special demands. being the most-advanced mobile app development company in India we offer it for you.

e-Learning & Education

Decrease the way connecting tutor and students by the eLearning apps created by our skilled mobile app development company in india that gives user-oriented design and customized features.

Logistics & Transportation

We have an experienced app development team who can make Logistics and Transportation resolutions that can help you maintain your fleet business completely as the best mobile app development services.


Our mobile app development team has expertise in creating m-health applications that will give you healthcare entrance and fewer diagnostic failures.

Banking & Finance Solutions

At Infikey, our specialist app development team of expert developers has expertise in building Digital Banking and Finance Resolutions that acknowledge protection and confidentiality.

Publishing and Advertising

our mobile app development company in india has helped hundreds of publishing and advertising businesses to have their different mobile apps where people can carry out and streamline industry processes.

Entertainment & Media

Get qualified developers from Infikey who can develop media & entertainment applications that will enhance your brand clarity and sales.

Automotive Solutions

We have an app development team that has years of experience and can develop automotive applications that will boost your customer base and give your company collective publication.

Everything Starts With a Rock Solid Product Strategy

Want an expert from the best mobile app development company in India. We offer custom Android & iOS app development services using innovative technologies to drive businesses to the next level.

Our well-defined and flexible methods are balanced within the cost, time, and quality with transparent communication. We additionally help you if necessary specialist information for your mobile app project. We are a Mobile App Development Company in India.

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User-Centric Design

Why user-centered design is important? From the developer’s prospect, it is the success or failure of a system, project, or application. From the executive’s view, it saves time, cost-effective, increase satisfaction, and finally saves money.

it plays an essential role whenever we design user-facing results where all the research, design choices are made by following the end-users in mind. as a mobile app development company in India we focus on the above things very well.

Our Rockstar Developers Are Mobile App Veterans

We have developers who have 5+ years of experience in software development and already working in the best mobile app development company in India. They have developed software that is fast, secure, flexible, robust, extensible, reusable, maintainable, debuggable, measurable, functional, efficient, user-friendly, performance-friendly, scalable, and fully tested software.

OK, So You Have an App…Now What? Launch & Promote With Confidence.

After successfully developing new software with the top mobile app development company in India you need to show that publicly. for that, you need a promotion like social media, digital marketing, etc.

Check out our Digital Marketing Services

Why Choose Infikey Technologies Pvt Ltd?

We are India’s most trusted mobile app development company with a record of 95%+ customer retention flow. We have developed thousands of thriving mobile applications for our clients expanded crossed the globe. We are recognized in the business for our glassiness, and decent practices. We are numbered with the top mobile applications development companies due to the following unique business suggestions.

Mobile App Development company in India

Our Indian application development company implements all the time or full-cycle mobile app development resolutions from first prototyping & UI/UX designing development.

Roadmap & Strategy

We use a predefined mobile app development rule that involves the strategy, process, roadmap special to the enterprise, aimed at transforming a future-proof organization.

Data backups

As a top mobile app development company in India, we provide full data backup services for your business so that your business can run seamlessly without interruptions.

Backend & API Development

We offer backend development as well as complete API development for your software integration to grow your business and for better user experience.

User Centric Experiences

Comfortable Design or User-oriented Development is a framework of methods in which usability purposes, workflow, environment, and tasks.

WorldClass Support

We value your business and because of that we have dedicated support, email support, call support, and 24×7 support to continually improve your company.

Already Know the Details of Your Project?

We build Android and iOS mobile applications that target, identify, and efficiently communicate with your clients and make a long-lasting bond between customers and your brand. Unlock the opportunities with our experienced mobile app development company in india!

We Work in Every Industry, Globally

Our digital marketing company in India also assists our customers in either Web design & Web Development || Software Development || Digital Marketing || Mobile App Development || DBA Services, and Cloud & DevOps Services in every phase of Technology and Development. We work with startups to mid-sized companies & big companies. We focus on extension & optimization it doesn't matter what industry they have.

Retail & Ecommerce Industry

We Develop robust custom e-commerce development solutions including all marketplaces, social media eCommerce solutions, auction sites, and many more.

Media and Entertainment

We are an offshore software development company and we are offering social networking development media, online advertising resolutions, media content delivery ways with the latest trends.

Education and E-learning Industry

We make custom e-learning solutions for online education, (LMS) learning management systems, comprise online education apps, corporate learning portals, and many more.

Social Networking Industry

We implement solutions for blogs & Wikis, social networks & communities, collaboration, etc. We offer social networking software outsourcing solutions.

Transportation Industry

We make result-oriented custom offshore Software development solutions for logistics & transportations to efficiently execute jobs & daily workflows and maximize ROI.

Healthcare Industry

We are offering a complete software solution for the healthcare industry. Our IT Development solutions completely improve internal methods and improve operational performances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why to choose Infikey Technologies for Mobile App Development?

The most genuine reason behind it is that we have served multiple clients & have developed mobile applications for companies. Let’s Have a look at some of the advantages of choosing mobile app developers from the mobile development company in India.

Infikey Technologies:

  • We have dedicated and experienced app developers
  • We also Give guaranteed brand trust
  • Our app developers Work with the agile method
Which type of mobile applications you can develop?

At Infikey Technologies our mobile app development team develops such as:

  • React Native Apps Development
  • Mobile-Web Apps Development
  • Hybrid or Cross-Platform Apps Development
  • Android App Development 
  • iOS App Development
  • Xamarin App Development 
  • Ionic App Development
  • Flutter Native App Development

our mobile app development company in india offers all the app development services.

Our Happy Clients

Our happy clients are Junubitunes, Claveto, Peeu Scanner, Math Puzzle, Nile Boda, FitMama, Rikshawale, Lovo Cabs, BS Point, GSSK, and many more. they all get the best services from our mobile app development company in india.

What are Application Development Services?

Our mobile app development company in india offers services, we develop the following application development solutions:

  • Mobile Apps Development Services

  • Cross-Platform (Hybrid) Desktop and Mobile Apps

  • Cloud Application Development Services

  • UI UX Design and Development Services

  • VR and AR Apps Development Services

  • Application Maintenance & Support Services

How much does it cost to build an app?

The Cost of your App Development totally depends on factors such as:

App Development platform: web and mobile app || native app || hybrid app|| cross-platform app development 

The complexity of your App: number of screens in your app || limited data || need for API connection in your app || admin console || user profiles

our app developers in India will analyze your requirements and then we are going to discuss with you your app development with one of the top app development companies in India.

Which skills required for Mobile App Development?

The app developer should have good knowledge of app development tool kits. Following Skills required for mobile app development:

  • Kotlin
  • Java and C#
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • C and C++
  • Python
  • HTML5 and CSS
  • Application Programming Interfaces (API) such as Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile

our mobile app development company in india has these developers.

Why should go for a Mobile Application Development in Indian companies?

While deciding on any Application development company in your project, numerous components should be taken care of. Some of them consist of the firm’s preceding experience, availability of professional developers, the on-time final touch of the project, etc. Outsourcing your project to India effectively covers all such benefits as follows:

Experienced Developers: You can simply notice versatile developers having worked on multiple projects. we tend to at Infikey Technologies have a team of developers that have with success handled additional projects. Outstanding performance has bagged the U.S. at an advantage client, which is frequently increasing. Having skilled developers engaged on your project ensures the sleek operating of the ultimate product with zero technical glitches.

Flexible Time Zones: An enormous downside of outsourcing to global structures is compatibility with the time zones. However, India’s handy authorities regulations have led app-making corporations to provide you with a couple of running shifts. It way communique is to be had at your comfort to your time zone.

Low cost of Development: You will be stunned to find out the rates of developers in India. The nominal rates of consummate developers vary between $30 to $45 per hour, which is relatively a lot under the same old development rates. The country includes a pool of developers as a result of multiple IT firms frequently opening, which you’ll use to your advantage.
Fixed Schedule and Regular Updates: The country provides top app development firms that make sure the swish following of fastened schedules and daily updates of your project development. At Infikey Technologies, we tend to perceive the potential loss a firm could suffer because of a delay within the project and continuously keep on with the committed schedule. we tend to additionally offer a clear update of the period of time development to the clients.
What are the different types of Mobile Applications you can Develop?
  • Native Apps: Native apps are designed specifically for a mobile device’s OS (OS). Thus, you’ll have native android mobile apps or native iOS apps, to not mention all the opposite platforms and devices. as a result of they’re built for only one platform, you can’t combine and match – say, use a Blackberry app on an android phone or use an iOS app on a Windows phone.

The technology used in native app development: coded using a variety of programming languages. include C++, Swift, Objective-C, Python, Java, Kotlin, and React Native App development, and Flutter Native App Development.

  • Web Apps: Web apps behave equally to native apps however are accessed via a web browser on your mobile device. They’re not standalone apps within the sense of getting to download and install code into your device. They’re truly responsive websites that adapt their user interface to the device the user is on. In fact, after you come upon the choice to “install” a web app, it usually merely bookmarks the web site URL on your device.
The technology used in web app development: created working on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and similar programming languages used for web work.
  • Hybrid Apps: And then there are the hybrid apps. These are web apps that look and want native apps. they may have a home screen app icon, responsive design, quick performance, even be able to perform offline, however, they’re very web apps created to appear native.
How many types of app can you develop?

Infikey Technologies can build a wide variety of apps covering entertainment, utilities, finance, travel, productivity, business, social networking, weather, children’s apps to gaming.

I am not a technical person but I want an app. can you help me in this case?

Not an issue at all. We stay true to both non-technical & technical persons. We have served various non-IT industries & supported them by strongly performing their mobile apps.

Do you only develop native apps?

No, not at all. our mobile app development company in india is able to develop cross/hybrid platforms apps development. First, We discuss the project needs and also advise which platform and what type of app development process will profit you the most maximum.

Can your client see the mobile app while it's in progress?

Definitely! We support it. We create your app on our development server & give you a username & password so that you can check and monitor the process of your website.

Do you create a web application also?

True, almost every mobile app that we develop also demands a web-based application following the views to push it. our mobile app development company in india offers all IT Development services.

In how much time you develop a mobile application?

The time to make a completely purposeful mobile application is based on several factors. custom-made app UI/UX designing work will take anyplace from one to four weeks, looking at the complexness of the project and also the range of revisions you would like. then development part desires a further one to six weeks, looking at pages and practicality needed. we tend to follow an agile development method that helps us to deliver your project in a very minimum potential time.

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