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Improve agility and time to market, drive efficiency with Cloud & DevOps solutions for your business.


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Cloud Strategy & Consulting

Are you wondering which is the path to the cloud best for your organization? The cloud strategy and consulting services at Infikeytech act as a strong support for the enterprises to understand and leverage the various advantages of cloud technology. 


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Cloud Migration

It is the process of moving data, and business applications from an organization’s onsite computers to the cloud space. Sometimes it can also mean transferring the data from one cloud environment to another, known as cloud-to-cloud migration. 


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Cloud Integration/Hosting

For businesses, gaining long-term success is directly related to customer satisfaction. It is very important that you differentiate the cloud services based on your customers’ infrastructure demands.

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Cloud Support / Maintenance

Businesses cannot afford to run the risk of failures as a small error can lead to a big loss. Regular cloud support and maintenance is required to keep the cloud secure from system failures and prevent productivity issues.


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Use our cloud services to design, develop and implement efficient cloud solutions for your business.

Cloud Consulting

Strategic consulting services to make the most of the cloud including Managed Security, Cloud Strategy & Cloud Migration.

CI/CD Pipeline

Implementing Continuous Integration (CI)/CD to integrate code into a shared repository.

Infrastructure Management

Expert Team of Cloud Solution Architects To Help Your Finalize Your Cloud Infrastructure Requirements

Cloud Architecture & Design

Cloud Architecture & design services encompassing components such as databases, software applications to leverage the power of cloud.

Security Management and Monitoring

Critical services to ensure protection against cyber threats with cloud security management and monitoring services.

DDOS Attack Mitigation

DDoS attack mitigation services to protect a target from a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack and other malicious attacks.

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