Mobile Technology Is Changing the Hospitality Industry?

According to Statista, mobile internet user penetration was about 52.7% in 2015. And, as per Nielsen data, a smartphone user spends around 85% of the time on apps. Clearly, mobile technology, powered by the internet and the presence of apps, is a game changing development for various industries with regard to better consumer service and engagement. But, […]

Decoding Consumer Psychology: The Key to More Effective Marketing

Here are four consumer psychology principles to leverage in your next marketing campaign. Brand Categories When people can’t relate to the language you’re using to position your brand, they can’t file it into a category in their minds. In turn, they don’t think of you when the need for your product arises, and a competitor […]

Top 5 Mobile Application Trends that are Going to Rule in the Coming Years

With passing time, technology is also developing. People are nowadays more glued to their smartphones. It has now become a daily chore of their life. Businesses and brands are looking forward to standing out from the crowd and build more profit. This is possible again with the commencement of the mobile application market. People these days are […]

How to Install WordPress Manually On Any Web Hosting

WordPress is the amazing one-stop place where you can develop your website as it can handle 59% of all the websites with the help of CMS platforms. The only reason is that it is a simple interface and it also extends support for use of plug-ins. Furthermore, you can even go for WordPress development services by using […]

Best Practices & Tips for Performance Testing Life Cycle

Performance testing is a form of software testing that focuses on how a system running the system performs under a particular load. This is not about finding software bugs or defects. Performance testing measures according to benchmarks and standards. Performance testing should give developers the diagnostic information they need to eliminate bottlenecks. Test Planning: Test plan is one […]

How to avoid a low Google Quality Score for your website

Google has always given high importance to the quality and relevancy score in its search algorithms. In line with this principle, doing the wrong things on your website can make Google give you a low quality score and push your site to back of search results. Although many experts use the term Google Sandbox, I […]